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Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance is a strategic program available through a variety of underwriters in the U.S. and abroad to protect your company against buyer non-payment (for both domestic and international transactions). Reasons for non-payment could include credit and country related risks. The underwriters typically assume 90-100% of the risk at pricing often inthe range of .10-.75% of the annual sales underwritten. NaviTrade is an experienced specialist in this area, maintaining relationships with underwriters around the world – each with its own unique range of expertise.

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Political Risk Insurance

What about making an investment into an overseas market, as opposed to selling a product to an overseas buyer? For example, perhaps you’re considering building a plant overseas, making a capital investment into an overseas joint-venture, or completing an overseas project that requires manpower, equipment and inventory to be located abroad. In these situations, and many others, someone within the company needs to ask the question – is it possible for the overseas government to do something unfairly that negatively affects our investment?