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We strive to maintain the very highest standards of creative professionalism as we evaluate, implement and facilitate the management of the most appropriate and effective credit enhancement and financing strategies for our clients. As a financial advisor and specialist broker, NaviTrade believes its primary responsibilities include:

• Developing a thorough understanding of our clients' long term objectives, strategies, and issues;

• Maintaining a comprehensive understanding of the various financing and credit enhancement markets that are available to our clients;

• Completing exhaustive efforts to present our clients to the various markets;

• Facilitating our clients' understanding or their strategic options;

• Facilitating the implementation and ongoing management of financing and credit enhancement programs;

• And first and foremost, representing the interests of our clients at all times.

NaviTrade also considers "transparency" to be a critical aspect of truly representing its clients' interests. To that end, throughout the entire process of working with clients in all situations, NaviTrade continually strives to thoroughly present its clients to the market and provide complete disclosure of all proposals, discussion, and other information back to its clients.