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Discussions with clients often initially focus in on specific issues about which company is primarily focused. But, often times we find that there are real opportunities to not only address a companies primary issue - but to implement strategic programs that will positively impact a company's operations in other areas as well.

Following are the types of solutions and programs that NaviTrade implements for its client to address financing, risk management, and marketing related issues.


"Financing foreign receivables is always challenging. But after working with our lender and NaviTrade, we were able to create a program that is very effective and important for funding our international growth"

Judi Floyd / CFO
TIORCO, Inc. / Colorado

NaviTrade works with companies to develop and establish programs for financing international and domestic transactions. Typically, financing international receivables is very difficult - lenders usually exclude foreign receivables from a company's borrowing base. On the domestic side, because of concentration risks, general creditworthiness concerns (of the company or buyer), or a variety of other issues, companies may not be able to arrange the level of funding support they need to achieve their objectives. In these situations, NaviTrade will develop and implement credit enhancement strategies that result in a variety of financial benefits to our clients, including:
Enhancing the company's borrowing capacity.
Speeding up cash flow.
Lowering overall borrowing costs.
Avoiding the use of letters of credit.
Improving overall profitability and return on assets.


"Offering open account terms and larger credit limits to our overseas buyers provides us with a substantial advantage over our competitors. We've been able to do that with the program and dramatically increase our international sales thanks to NaviTrade."

Ken Linxwiler / CEO
VariTech International, Inc. / Texas

NaviTrade's clients compete in a global economy that is highly competitive - and growing more so everyday. To help companies go beyond offering quality goods and services at competitive pricing, NaviTrade works closely with its clients to develop strategies and implement programs that have dramatic marketing implications that result in increased sales, including:

Extending more competitive terms (larger credit limits and longer repayment terms) to overseas and domestic buyers.
Simplifying a companies transactions by moving preferred customers from letters of credit to open account terms.
Designing programs that allow companies to penetrate new, risky markets that they would not pursue on their own.
More effectively manage peak or cyclical selling periods.
Aggressively defend existing or pursue new market share.


"We've always been concerned about the risks associated with our international transactions - especially in today's environment. But with the foreign receivable financing program developed by NaviTrade and our lender, when we offer open account terms we're protected and that's very important to us. It allows us to grow our sales and expand our relationships globally while minimizing risks."

Scott Kohn / CEO
Computer Supply Corporation / California

While today's global economy represents exciting growth opportunities, NaviTrade's clients are also concerned about cost-effectively managing the riskiness of international transactions. NaviTrade establishes risk management programs for its clients to achieve the following:

Trade related transactions. NaviTrade establishes programs that provide global protection for companies against non-payment by their overseas and/or domestic buyers for virtually any reason - including commercial and political risks.

Foreign investments. For companies that are making an investment in an overseas market (e.g., building a plant, participating in a joint venture, or other projects), NaviTrade can put in place a political risk program that can provide protection addressing a variety of contract and investment related issues such as confiscation, non-transfer of earnings, selective discrimination, arbitration award default, war & civil disturbance, and a wide range of additional issues.

NaviTrade maintains a global network of financing solutions providers including commercial and investment banks, venture capitalists and private equity firms, commercial finance companies, forfeiting firms, leasing companies, and private investors. NaviTrade has extensive experience in structuring and arranging the following types of financing for our clients:

Receivable financing (foreign and domestic).
Strategies for financing overseas projects.
Medium-term financing programs.
Cross-border lease financing.
International customer financing programs.
Non-recourse / off-balance-sheet strategies.
Forfeiting Strategies.
Financing working capital needs.

Contact us and we'll develop a strategic program to meet your needs.